Is any aspect of identity at all constant?

A recent reading, The personal and professional selves of teachers: stable and unstable identities (Day, Kington, Stobart, & Sammons, 2006), discussed how external factors and personal identity influence teaching effectiveness. Many aspects of teachers’ beliefs and lives can influence how well learning takes place in their students. This brought me to reflect upon how my own upbringing and belief system influence my effectiveness as a teacher.

I have always strived to treat each student with respect and an open mind to differences in beliefs and ways of thinking and doing things. I think students are able to pick up on teacher judgement. Without the feeling of judgment or needing to appeal to unfair expectations of others, I think student identity may be free to develop into something that is of the student’s own choice.

The reading goes on to discuss the question of whether identity is a singular entity or a changing combinations of roles, identities and values.

This video gave me a good overview of the basic concepts of identity. In this video, the existential self is claimed to be constant. I’m still unsure of why this identity would be considered unchanging. I do think change may be slow but I haven’t found any proof that it is in fact constant. In my opinion, it is clear through the changes in my own identity that the idea of constant change and development is more convincing.


Day, C., Kington, A., Stobart, G., & Sammons, P. (2006). The personal and professional selves of teachers: stable and unstable identities. British Educational Research Journal, 32(4), 601-616.

Self Concept, Self Identity, Social Identity. (2014). YouTube. Retrieved 1 August 2016, from


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