Me as a Learner

xsculvsczrbj3df5ewt8I’ve had an interest in games of intellect and strategy since I was child. I often played chess and checkers with my father and grandfather while camping. I recently came into ownership of a very popular board game named Settlers of Catan. This game has been described by some as the “new Monopoly”, though the two don’t really share many mechanics.

To describe Catan in brief, players construct settlements on various types of land to recieve resources from that land when certain numbers are rolled with dice. Points can be accrued through various methods such as building additional settlements and cities, drawing lucky cards or building the longest road. Once a player accrues 10 points, they are announced the winner and the game ends.

Settlers-of-Catan-700x300While I already know the basic rules of Catan, I believe there is a lot of potential for deeper strategising. I will attempt to use networked learning techniques to improve my understanding of the game and the strategies that I can employ in the future.

I believe that social sites such as Reddit, Facebook and board gaming forums will be my best opportunity to communicate with Catan playing communities. I’ll report on what I learn through this experience in future posts.

Links for those interested: (I am not affiliated with this site)


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