Engaging the Catan community on Reddit

Settlers of Catan features 5 resources; brick, timber, sheep, wheat, and ore.


These resources can be used to build constructions or draw cards that may allow players to acquire victory points.


A question I have been wondering about is “which resource is most valuable?” While all resources have the potential to allow a player to win the game, I’d like to know if research has been conducted to calculate which resource guarantees the highest probability of producing victory points (of which 10 are required to win a game).

I can easily Google search information on this topic to locate posts such as this, however I’d like to explore the use of engagement with online communities for the purposes of learning.

It has been suggested that aside from intrinsic motivational benefits, development of online personalities on social networks can assist students by reinforcing identities that are conducive to learning (Greenhow, Robelia, & Hughes, 2009). Slater suggests that these identities can be self-created as users essentially “become what they type” (2002). With this in mind, I have made a post on Reddit. I will report back soon on my experience.


Greenhow, C., Robelia, B., & Hughes, J. (2009). Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship in a Digital Age: Web 2.0 and Classroom Research: What Path Should We Take Now?. Educational Researcher, 38(4), 246-259. http://dx.doi.org/10.3102/0013189×09336671

Slater, D. (2002). Handbook of new media (pp. 533-546). London: SAGE.


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