Engaging the Catan community on Reddit – part 2

In a previous post, I posted a question about the board game “Settlers of Catan” on the popular sharing site, Reddit. My fears weren’t necessary. The responses I received from the community were 100% positive and of a helpful nature. This really made me feel comfortable about getting more involved with the members of this community in the future.

Below is a screenshot of my initial question:

r post 1

I was hoping that someone could provide me with a link to someone who had performed the calculations to prove that specific resources offered higher probabilities of winning the game. I was surprised to receive the below responses:

r post 2

r post 3

These two Reddit users explained to me that there was no correct answer or calculation that could answer my question because the value of resources is too tightly linked to the timing of the game. It was exciting to see “Helpful person 2” build upon the information that had been provided by “Helpful person 1”. This exchange occurred naturally and without need for “external reward” (Goodyear, 2004). I suspect that motivation was intrinsically derived from the fact that both of these Reddit users are passionate about playing and learning about this board game and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.


Goodyear, P. (2004). Advances in research on networked learning (p. 179). Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers.


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