An End to Meaningless Jobs?

4922970480_04ee575e82_bA recent post (Osborn, 2016) on has me considering the future of employment in an increasingly automated society. American author, inventor and futurist, Ray Kurzweil, shares this highly optimistic view of the effects our technological advances will bring in the future. His many prediction include the idea that in the early 21st century automation will lower working hours and free most people from menial work, allowing most around the world to make better use of their creativity and pursue their passions (Kurzweil, 1999).

robotbossIn contrast a darker possibility of the future has been described by many. Current trends indicate that while productivity is increasing, employment opportunities are decreasing (Rotman, 2013). If these trends continue, wealth will become even more consolidated into the hands of a few elite and there will be less chance of the benefits of technological advancement, that have been achieved through the effort of virtually all throughout history, being shared among all of humanity.

This trend is evident in online forms of education as technology is allowing more students to by taught by lower numbers of teaching staff. This is not to say that the workload of those teaching online courses is becoming less, only that those employed in these jobs are capable of providing education to greater numbers of students and geographical location becoming less of a hindrance to learning every day.

As a teacher, this will mean I will have to continue to adapt to new educational technologies and an increasing pace. It will also mean that I will need to prepare students for a future economy that no one is able to predict accurately. Whatever the future holds, I believe that the abilities to critically analyse and independently learn will be of great value.


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2 thoughts on “An End to Meaningless Jobs?

  1. Hello Adam, as you probably know this is certainly what seems to be happening in Adelaide, so many people unemployed because the industry they used to work in has become redundant such as car manufacturing. I recently saw a drama series on SBS on Demand, exactly on this topic which you might enjoy, it’s called Trepalium: How do you prepare students for a future that might not hold any jobs?


  2. Thanks for the recommendation Brigitte! I’ll be sure to check it out!
    To be honest, I’m trying my best not to make my blog political and stick to the facts but it’s not easy as this format heavily pushes me towards opinion pieces.


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