Using the CLEM Framework: Community

Similarly to Angela’s post, I’ve decided to try get a better understanding of the CLEM framework by applying it to my own learning situation. This and following posts will explain what I have found so far in terms of the four components of the CLEM framework. The first of these components is “community”.

What have you chosen to learn “as a learner”? 

I have chosen to learn deeper knowledge and strategies of the game “Settlers of Catan”.



What, where and how active are the communities around the practice I’m interested in? Are there different communities?

From my investigations, various communities exist online, however few members are invested in the game enough to be actively involved in online discussion. The few avid fans that I have communicated with have been very friendly and helpful. Below are a few of the online communities that I’ve been able to locate:

How do you engage with this community? Where do you go to get help?

So far Reddit has been the most active community that I’ve been able to connect with. The Settlers of Catan subreddit boasts 8,646 subscribers. I believe this is simply due to the popularity and addictiveness of the Reddit site itself.

Other sites have been excellent resources for gaining new information however my experience has been that their communities are much less active. The exception to this may be the Catan Wikia, however I have read that in order to become an accepted member in wiki sites time and effort are required to build up a good reputation. Wikis are often the targets of vandalism and frequent contributors sometimes have very high standards for the content they see fellow community members publish.

Discussions in public forums have so far been an effective method of getting help. Due to the community’s size, I am receiving assistance from different members each time. I think I am also getting to a point where I am able to offer help to other members of the community.

More posts on this topic coming soon…


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